Apps To Have For A Better Train Journey

Apps To Have For A Better Train Journey

The Indian Railways has the largest railway network in Asia and the second largest in the World. Most people like to travel by train because of its cheap fair, can cover long distances in short time, can carry more luggages, beautiful sceneries and so many other reasons. The Indian Railways has more than four thousand operating trains and helps lakhs of travellers each day. You can see that The Indian Railways has developed very well now in every phase. Now you don't even need to carry paper tickets with you. Everything gone digital! Now you can book your tickets directly from IRCTC or any other third party websites. Also there are several mobile apps which helps you to find the delay time and GPS position of the train.

As you can see, there are hundreds of train related apps in the Play Store, but most of them are just a waste of time.

So, Lets Check Out Some Useful Apps To Have While You Plan A Train Journey:

IRCTC is the official source of the Indian Railways for booking tickets. Also, now there are so many third party booking apps too. This IRCTC app also allows you to book Tatkal tickets faster than the web version. This app comes with a good navigation and is speedy. Also, it will not eat away your data. It also has PNR checking and all the common railway features. 

App Highlights:
> Train between stations
> PNR Details
> Seat Availability 
> Meals Booking

National Train Enquiry System(NTES) app offers you the real time services which  includes live train running status, train cancel etc... 

App Highlights:
> Spot your train/ Live station 
> All train times and schedules
> Cancelled /Diverted /Rescheduled trains 

#3 Where Is My Train (Recommended)

This app is very simple to use and helps to find your train position without an internet connection, if ypu are inside the train. This app consumes only very less data. Where Is My Train allows you to find trains between stations, live station, spot a train, etc.. very easily. You can also find the PNR status and the caoch areangement of the train. This app also has a good feature, ie, when you receive an SMS from IRCTC which confirms your tickets, this app will automatically knows it and add the required instructions to the notifications and into the app. 

App Highlights:
> Spot live train location without Internet. (Using GPS) 
> Travel ticket details added automatically into the app
> Updated coach position
> Easy to use interface 

Ixigo is an innovative app with added features. It works offline too. Also in the same app, you can book flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel rooms & cabs. This app includes all most of the train travel related options. 

App Highlights:
> Offline app mode
> PNR details
> Information about local & metro trains
> Supports 8 languages 
> News and entertainment on the go
> You can book flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel rooms and cabs

RailYatri is a complete train app in which the users can book tickets, check live running status, PNR status, food on train, seat availability etc... This app also helps you to find train position without Internet. You are able to choose between multiple languages. 

App Highlights:
> Ticket booking, Live status, PNR
> Book bus tickets 
> Food on train
> Available in multiple languages
> Train location without Internet 

Last Words:
These are some of the highest rated  Indian railways apps in Play Store. Every app has its own unique features. By our experience, "Where Is My Train" is the best choice while you are inside the train. So comment yours down. Thanks.