How To Make Conference Call In Android Smartphone

How To Make Conference Call In Android Smartphone

How to make conference call in android smartphone

The present life of mankind has become very different. We started depending on technologies in almost every aspect of life. Technology really helped us in reducing the workforce. Also, when man started to depend more on technologies, his social connections also got increased. As your social connections rise, it is difficult to stay connected with everyone. You will choose the ones with higher priority. Also, you will start to search for new ways to connect with them.

Smartphones have helped us a lot in this case. If you want to connect with your school friends, business partners, family members etc..., now it is very easy, no matter how far he/she is. It does not consume much effort, time or money.

This post will help you to make Conference Calls using an Android smartphone.

What is a Conference Call ?

A conference call is a telephone call by which a person can connect to multiple people at the same time, while in a normal call you can only connect to one person at a time.

Why Conference Call ?

  • In a Conference Call you will be able to talk to more than one person at a time by which you can save a lot of time and effort.
  • It is like a meeting or a group discussion. You do not need to call them separately.
  • People from any part of the world can connect to each other.
  • It does not cost any additional charges other than the cost charged by the network provider.

How many calls can you merge on an Android phone?

The number of phone calls you can merge on an Android smartphone at the same time depends on your phone model. as well as your network provider and plan. Most of the latest phone models can merge up to five calls at a time.

How To Make Conference Call In An Android Smartphone (STEPS):

Follow the below steps to make a Conference Call in your Android smartphone.

STEP 1 : Call A Participant
Make a normal phone call to any one person whom you want to be in the conference call or have them call you.

STEP 2 : Tap 'Add Call' Button
When the person attends the call, both of you will have an "Add Call" button on your phone screen. Tap on it and add another participant.

STEP 3 : Merge Calls
Now tap Merge to combine all the calls.

STEP 4 : Repeat STEP 2 and STEP 3 to add more participants

STEP 5 : End Call
Tap on the End Call button when you have finished the call.

DONE!! Now the Conference Call is active.

NOTE: If you want to remove a person from the conference call, then tap Manage and you can select the person whom you want to unmerge or remove.

Tips To Improve Conference Calling Feature:

  1. Choose a place where the noise is as less as possible. It allows everyone on the call to hear clearly. There is a chance that people will feel disturbed in the presence of noise.
  2. Avoid multiple people speaking at the same time.
  3. Unmerge or Disconnect the call if it is not necessary for you to stay in the call.
  4. Try muting your microphone while others are speaking. It will reduce the noise from your end.

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