10 Best Android Dialer Apps In 2020

10 Best Android Dialer Apps In 2020

 As technology is getting advanced day-by-day, smartphone has become something that we cannot avoid in our daily life. People are now aware of the benefits of having a smartphone in hand. That's why most of them started to upgrade their devices in a short period. Now, a smartphone is more affordable than ever.

As people started to depend more on smartphones for their daily needs, the companies also began to provide more custom features to its users. Also there are several apps that you can use to customize your smartphone. It includes dialer apps, custom themes, live wallpapers, picture keyboard etc... If you are an Android user, you can install those apps directly from Google Play Store to your devices.

In this post, let us check out 10 Best Dialer Apps for your Android smartphone:

10 Best Dialer Apps For Your Android Smartphone :

1. Simpler Dialer

Download Simpler Dialer App for Android

As the name suggests, the Simpler Dialer is a simple dialer which makes you think that it is the built-in dialer app. It looks like an upgraded version of the dialer in a Stock Android smartphone. The UI of this app has a simple look that in just a look, you may feel this app is not worth it. But when you use it for some time, you will love it for sure. Also, this app don't have much ads or unnecessary features.

  • Easy call blocking
  • Backup contacts in one tap
  • Merge duplicate contacts
  • Available in over 40 beautiful themes
  • Smart T9 Dialer

Download App

2. ExDialer

Download ExDialer App for Android

ExDialer is one of the simple and best dialer for your Android smartphone. It has all the features that we expect for an android dialer app to have. It is fast and simple to use. If you want to call someone in a hurry, you can just tap their name to the right. As stated by the app builder, this app also supports more than 30 languages.

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Smooth & extra light-weight
  • Smart T9 algorithm
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Call/text to someone by swiping left/right

3. Contacts+

Download Contacts+ Dialer App for Android

Contacts+ is a dialer app which has both basic and advanced features. It is one of the leading dialer app in the Google Play Store with over 10Million+ downloads. The top feature of the app is that you can copy contact number from a paper or a business card by just capturing it. It also has a night mode option for better visibility at night.

  • Merge duplicate contacts
  • Night mode/Dark mode
  • Android Wear supported
  • Integration with social applications

Download App

4. Eyecon Dialer

Download Eyecon Dialer App for Android

Unlike other dialer apps, Eyecon Dialer doesn't spam you with irrelevant ads. This app is also one of the feature-rich dialer app in this list. ie, this app comes with some additional features like social apps integration, visual caller ID, spam filter etc...

  • Integration with most of the popular social sites
  • Spam filter
  • Visual based design
  • Visual caller ID
  • More app customization options

Download App

5. TrueCaller: Caller ID & Dialer

Download TrueCaller Caller ID Dialer App for Android

TrueCaller is one of the most popular dialer app for Android devices for the last few years. This app is known for most people because of it's amazing caller ID feature. This app offers a range of customization options to the users. It also helps to detect spam calls easily.


  • Automatic Caller ID detection
  • Easily detect spam calls/messages
  • Provides Google Duo call integration
  • You can block spam calls/telemarketing calls

6. Drupe

Download Drupe Dialer App for Android

If you want to get rid of spam calls permanently, you should try Drupe dialer app. It also has a smart dialer which supports cross app dialing. You can also record your calls with Drupe or set reminders related to a call. It has a colourful UI which is very easy to use.

  • Contact based reminders
  • Smart caller ID & blocker
  • Cross app dialing
  • Built-in call recorder
  • Supports most of the popular languages

7. ZenUI Dialer

Download ZenUI Dialer App for Android

ZenUI Dialer is the built-in dialer for ASUS devices. It is a simple yet productive dialer application for your Android smartphone. You can set a password to prevent others fom using the app. This app has an amazing UI in which you can understand a contact faster by their contact image. Another highlight of the app is its 'frequent calls' menu which highlights contact numbers.

  • Easily block spam calls
  • Smart contact search
  • Highlighted 'frequent calls' menu
  • Password protection for contact numbers

Download App

8. True Phone Dialer

Download True Phone Dialer App for Android

True Phone Dialer app is an all in one dialer app which allows you to manage your contacts, personalize etc.. You can personalize the app with modern designs and themes. Also the app is available in multiple languages.

  • Fast T9 search
  • Smart recent calls grouping
  • Multiple languages support
  • Extended dual SIM support

Download App

9. Contakts Dialer App

Download Contakts Dialer App Apk for Android

Contakts dialer app for Android is a beautiful dialer app in which you can have colourful profile cards for your favourite contacts. It also has colourful themes to customize the app. It shows the graph of the contacts in which you can easily identify the people whom you called the most.

  • Integration with WhatsApp
  • Colourful themes
  • Contact graphs to check most frequent numbers

10. Speed Dial Dialer

Download Speed Dial Dialer App for Android

Speed Dial is an Android dialer app which is focused on easy speed dialing. You can dial contact numbers easily using speed dial shortcuts. It also has Apple Watch integration. It also allows you to easily backup your contacts. It has a night mode option for better visibility at night.

  • Easy speed dial
  • Dark mode support
  • Contacts backup

Final word:

From this post, now you have become familiar with some of the best dialer apps for your Android smartphone. Every app has it's own merits/demerits. It also depends on the purpose and needs of the user. If you want to know better about these apps, we suggest you to download and check whether it suites you.

Out of these apps, Techglanza recommends Simpler Dialer for normal use. If you are looking for some advanced features, then you should try TrueCaller .

Do tell us in the comments section below which app you think is the best dialer app for Android devices.

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