How To Add Coronavirus(COVID-19) Live Stats Gadget in Blogger

How To Add Coronavirus(COVID-19) Live Stats Gadget in Blogger

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a respiratory viral disease which is now making headlines across the globe for causing an outbreak of respiratory illness. It was first reported in Hubei Province, Wuhan, China and now it is spreading internationally. It even reached almost all the European countries and even in the United States. The situation has become worst in several countries and researches are going on to develop an effective cure for the viral disease. As the virus is spreading rapidly, now people started taking serious precautions.

The virus has resulted in crashing of global stock markets. Even if the virus slow down in the future, businesses will struggle to reach in their smart positions. Also, as the virus has reached almost every part of the world, it is our duty to take proper measures and stay up-to-date about it.

In this post you will learn how to add Elfsight Coronavirus Live Stats HTML gadget to your Blogger blog or website.

Elfsight Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats Widget :

Elfsight is a popular website which provides free or premium widgets for you to build your website or blog. The 'Elfsight Coronavirus Stats' is an HTML widget which allows you to show live Coronavirus stats on your website. It helps the viewers to take care of their families and to avoid the spread of false information.

Why You Must Add Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats to Your Website ?

  • To make your viewers aware of the current situation around the world.
  • To take care of yourself, your family and friends.
  • To avoid the spread of wrong information.

How To Add Coronavirus (COVID-19 Live Stats Widget HTML To Your Blogger Blog ?

Follow the steps below to add Coronavirus HTML widget:

STEP 1 :Go to Elfsight . Create A New Account or use the existing one.

STEP 2 : Now Click Here to go to Elfsight Coronavirus Widget page.

STEP 3 : Click on 'Create Widget' Button

STEP 4 : Choose a Template
Now choose any template from the list and click 'Continue with this template' tab at the left bottom of the page.

STEP 5 : Apply Style
Now, adjust the style and appearance of the widget as you like. Also select the number of counties to be displayed. You can view the current appearance of the widget at the right side of the screen.

STEP  6 : Save the Widget
Now save the widget by clicking on the 'Save' button at the top of the screen.

STEP 7 : Copy HTML Code
Click the 'Add to website' button on the new screen.

A new pop-up tab is appeared with an HTML code in it. Now copy the HTML code manually.

STEP 8 : Sign in to Blogger
Go to Blogger and choose the blog that you want to place the code.

STEP 9 : Go to 'Layout'
From the menu at the left side of the screen, click on 'Layout'.

STEP 10 : Add an HTML Gadget
Now add a new HTML gadget to where you want it to be displayed.
To add an HTML gadget, click on 'Add Gadget' and choose 'HTML/JavaScript' from the new pop-up window.

STEP 11 : Paste HTML Code To Blogger
Now, another pop-up window is appeared. Paste the HTML code and click 'Save'.
You're Done!!

If you want to adjust column width & height or number of countries displayed, you can edit it at any time.
You can refer this video for more help:

Features of Elfsight Coronavirus Gadget:

  • Good appearance
  • Easy to customize
  • Country-wise statistics
  • Data gets renewed several times a day
  • Free installation service from Elfsight
  • Responsive gadget
  • Supported by all leading browsers

Limitations of Elfsight gadget free version:

Given below are the limitations of the free version of the gadget. If you want to get all the features, then you should go for a premium plan.
  1. The gadget is visible only to the first 200 page loads every month
  2. You can connect only 1 website
  3. Free installation service not available
  4. You will have an Elfsight logo on every gadget in free version
  5. No premium support
If you still have any doubts, let us know it in the comments.

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