How To Add or Change Favicon Of Blogger Blog [2020 Method]

How To Add or Change Favicon Of Blogger Blog [2020 Method]


Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google which allows people to write blogs. When we compare Blogger with WordPress, even if it does not have most of the tools available in WordPress, Blogger do have most of the tools to give your blog or website a professional look. Also, Blogger played a good role in teaching us the basics of blogging and website building.

From this post you will learn how to change favicon in Blogger. But before going to the steps, lets know what is a favicon and why it is used.

What is Favicon ?

Favicon is the short form of  'favorite icon'. It is a small square sized icon (16x16px) that represents a website. It is an important component of a website and is usually attached near to site names in a web browser.

favicons of websites
In the image, favicons are highlighted in yellow colour.

Why change favicon ?

If you want to have a brand for your blog or website, a custom favicon which represents the brand is a must. Also, the favicon should match the theme of your website. When you start a new blog in Blogger, you will have the Blogger logo as favicon by default. You can remove it whenever you want and replace it with a custom brand logo. For example, when you browse, you can see a blue coloured 'f' icon on the browser tab. This is the favicon icon of . Also, uploading your own favicon makes your site stand out from the crowd.

Create a new favicon :

A favicon can be created by using a photo editor or with the help of online tools like favicon-generator or ionos . When you make a favicon with the help of a photo editor, make sure that the photo is square sized and is less than 100 KB.

How to Add or Change Favicon in Blogger

Follow the steps given below to upload a new favicon.

STEP 1 : Sign In to Blogger
Use an existing Google account or you can create a new one

STEP 2 : Select A Blog
Select the blog that you want to change the favicon icon

STEP 3 : Go to 'Layout' section

How to add or remove or change blogger favicon or logo 1
From the Menu on the left side of the page, click on 'Layout'

STEP 4 : Click on 'Back to Classic Blogger'

How to add or remove or change blogger favicon or logo 2

Now click on 'Back to Classic Blogger' option at the bottom of the left Menu.
Note that, if you are already using the Classic Blogger version, you can skip this step.

STEP 5 : Click On 'Edit' Favicon

How to add or remove or change blogger favicon or logo 3

Now you can see a widget called 'Favicon' at the left top of the 'Layout' screen. Your blog icon is attached near to it. Click on the 'edit' option in the 'favicon' widget.

STEP 6 : Upload Your Favicon

How to add or remove or change blogger favicon or logo 4

Now a new pop-up window appears and you can upload the logo file by clicking on 'Choose File' option.

STEP 7 : Save Your Favicon
After you choose the favicon file, now click on 'Save' to upload the icon.

STEP 8 : Save Arrangement
Now click on the 'Save arrangement' option at the top of the 'Layout' screen.
FINISH!! Now your blog favicon is changed.

Note that, it might take some time for the changes to take place. If you still have any doubt about the topic, feel free to ask them via comments.

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  1. Very well researched post...this helped me to change my favicon..thank u for helping beginners like me

  2. how much time it can take.i change it about 2 hours ago and it not change please help

  3. Ravi Barot, There is an issue in some cases. You can follow another method:

    Go to Settings>Basic>Favicon

    This is a new method. Pls reply the result...

  4. freak...not working...when i change to classic