Top 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2020

Top 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2020

Instagram is a famous social media platform which is gaining huge popularity accross the globe day-by-day. Now, as it is one of the most entertaining social platform, people started to migrate to Instagram from most of the other similar platforms.

Now, let us check out the 10 best Instagram features that might be useful to you at any part of your Instagram journey:

1. Filter Search

Filter search is one of the creative feature in Instagram most of you may not know. This feature allows you to browse from a range of filters and apply it to your Instagram stories. These are not like those ordinary photo filters that you get while you swipe your Instagram story. It has some variety colour designs or graphics for your photos. This feature also allows to search for any effects/filters used by your friends from the Instagram Effect Gallery by just typing its name.

How to use?
To use this feature, go to Story mode, then swipe left those filter bubbles.

2. Celebrity Account Stats

Account stats for popular Instagram accounts

This feature is only attached to those Instagram accounts that reach a lot of people or advertise on Instagram. According to Instagram, these details are made public to protect accounts from impersonation, and to protect the community from spam. Account details like date of join, country based in and former usernames etc... are visible to others. Also, you can find similar accounts with highest number of shared followers. It may help you to identify accounts with similar interests.

How to use?
When you visit a popular Instagram account, click on Account Options on the right top of the screen.

3. Insights

You have to switch to a Instagram Business Profile to get access to this feature. It allows you to learn more about your audience and how they engage with your content. It is a native analytics tool which helps you to find the age, country, gender, number of profile visits etc... . It is a 'must use' tool to boost your Instagram growth.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Insights

4. Age/Country Filter

How to add Age Filter or Country Filter in Instagram
An Instagram Business Profile only feature by which you can add age or country restriction for the people who visit/follow your profile. This feature is very useful when you have content that is restricted in some country or that is not appropriate for children to view.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Settings > Creator/Business > Minimum Age

5. Custom Story Replies

If you receive a lot of Story replies in Instagram and feel disturbed, this feature could really help you. It allows you to turn off Story replies or to allow replies from only the people you follow.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Settings > Privacy > Story

6. Data Saver Mode

Everyone may not have a WiFi connection or a big data pack to spend more time on Instagram. Also, Instagram consumes a good amount of data because of its high quality image loading and video autoplays. Turning on the Data Saver mode is a solution to this. When Data Saver mode is turned on, videos won't load in advance and images will load in low quality only.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Settings > Account > Cellular Data Use

7. Restricted Accounts

This feature is to protect yourself from unwanted interactions without having to block or unblock someone. Only you and the person you restrict will see their new comments on your posts. The main advantage of it is that when you add an Instagram account to your Restricted Accounts list, they won't get notified. Also, they won't see when you are online or when you have read their messages.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Settings > Privacy > Restricted Accounts

8. Instagram Quick Replies

How to activate quick replies in Instagram
Quick Replies is an Instagram Business Profile feature which allows you to set automatic message replies for any message keyword. You don't have to type replies manually, ie, if you receive a lot of messages, you can save responses to the questions you receive most often. You can add a keyboard shortcut for a message text and and your reply appears automatically when this shortcut is the first word typed in a message.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Settings > Creator/Business > Quick Replies

9. Nametag

Nametag is just a screen which contain your Instagram username in it. You can easily follow someone on Instagram by just scanning his/her nametag. Also, it can be customized with some beautiful stickers or emojis. Nametag is very useful when you want to find someone on Instagram who has a complicated username.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Nametag

10. Activity Status

How to turn on / off Instagram activity status

This feature allows you to turn on or off your Instagram activity status. When Activity Status is turned on, it allow accounts you follow or anyone you message to see when you were last active on Instagram. But the disadvantage is that when you turn it off, you cannot see your friend's activity status too.

How to use?
Go to your profile > Options > Settings > Privacy > Activity Status

Finish!! If you found this post helpful or have any new tips to add to the list, let us know it in the comments.

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