HDR+Extreme 60fps for PUBG Mobile in Any Android without GFX Tool

HDR+Extreme 60fps for PUBG Mobile in Any Android without GFX Tool

Enable HDR+Extreme Graphics for PUBG Mobile in 60fps

PUBG (Player Unknowns Battle Ground) is one of the most popular battle royal games available now. It has become a trend now and even there are YouTube channels dedicated for PUBG gaming. When the mobile version of the game was released for Android devices, PUBG Mobile, it had a size of about 1.2 GB only. But now with a lot of additional features the game file is around 1.7 GB which may not be suitable for all devices to use it well. In addition to this, it will have an update package of less than 150 MB in size.

As the game comes with a lot of graphics, it will not suite all devices, mainly the ones with less RAM or graphics. Also, there is a Lite version for it, the PUBG Mobile Lite, which is around 600 MB in size but it miss all the major features. And, many users who play PUBG Mobile now started to migrate to other similar games such as Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Fortnite etc because these games offer better graphics even for most low end devices.

So, if you have PUBG Mobile installed on your Android smartphone and still can't play the game in full graphics because of your device limitations, use the trick below to play it in HDR+Extreme graphics. With this trick, your device will have no graphics lag while playing PUBG Mobile. This will be useful for most gamers like me who prefer to play with smooth graphics, so the device responds faster. You don't need a GFX tool to enable this trick.

How to Activate HDR+Extreme Graphics in PUBG Mobile for Android

  1. Download the file from here
  2. Go to File Manager in your device
  3. Copy the downloaded file
  4. Paste it to the given location of PUBG Mobile folder: Android > Data > com.tencent.ig > Files > UE4Game > ShadowtrackerExtra > Saved > Config. > Android
  5. Now open PUBG Mobile
  6. Go to Settings > Graphics
  7. Now you can see an option to increase your game graphics to HDR with Extreme frames

Done!! We recommend to play the game with smooth graphics with Extreme frames if your device has heating issue.

If you still have doubts on how to use this method, comment below and we will reply shortly.

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